Creating Leadership Transcendence

Providing Consultation Services as Well as Group Retreats

Creating Leadership Transcendence

Providing One on One Consultation Services as Well as Group Retreats

Offering Services for Leadership & Spiritual Development


What Is Leadership Transcendence?

  • Linking Development to Thriving in Times of Increasing Uncertainty
  • Achieving Outcomes by Thinking Outside the Box (What Box?)
  • Expanding Our Capacity to Bring Out the Best in Others
  • Developing a Deeper Appreciation for Each Person's Uniqueness, Creativity, and Purpose
  • Maximizing Mutual Influence by Becoming More Self-actualized Oneself
  • Transforming Organizations at All Levels
  • Coming From Love More Often, More Naturally
  • Listening to One's Intuitive Capacities
  • Attending to Unconscious Motivations and Shadows
  • Attending to Emergent Realities and Energy

Creating Leadership Transcendence

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” 

--Albert Einstein

We can improve the quality of our leadership by nurturing our souls, listening to our hearts, and developing our minds.  While any of these three aspects of Self can be entry points for transformative learning and change, I like to think of them as moving together energetically in our response to life’s opportunities and challenges.

Our work roles often provide a catalyst to focus on inner work and development, even transformation.  Sometimes these catalysts take the form of struggle, frustration, or pain, and can be understood as calls to attend to our deepest selves in ways that will open up new ways of seeing and acting, and therefore new possibilities for change in our current situations.

We may be drawn to focus on soul matters, such as what gives us purpose and meaning and how this is showing up in our vocations.  Or we might want to do some heart healing, given a desire to improve a certain relationship or the quality of relating in a group we are part of.  We might want to transform our leadership influence by improving our ways of perspective taking, of how we use our power, or of how we manage conflict in a certain high-stress situation.

If you would like to strengthen your leadership by accessing the wisdom of your soul, heart, and mind in new and transformative ways, please consider the following ways we might work together:

  • Leadership Development Coaching – Building on your unique leadership signature, your core values, and the dynamics of your current situation, we will engage in mutual inquiry and insights from relevant assessments to support your leadership transformation.
  • Spiritual Companioning – Recognizing that each of us is a manifestation of the Holy (or Divine, or whatever name you use for the Infinite), and that the Holy One is always present, active, and loving, and using a contemplative approach, we will explore the deepening of your relationship with this Infinite Loving presence.
  • Leading with Soul – And, if you are so led, we can explore both leadership coaching and the spiritual work of leadership in an integrated way. For example, you might be called to deep forgiveness work as part of reconciliation in a relationship.  We will explore ways to approach this work in ways that are consistent with your deepest values and beliefs and which will bring new freedom and potentiality to your leadership.
Sunset Over a Solitary Tree Into a Lake

Spiritual Direction

“The glory of the Divine is the human person fully alive.”

--St. Irenaeus

Sometimes the demands we face in organizational life dovetail with discovery our souls are poised to make.  As a spiritual director, Dr. Wallis engages in holy listening with people curious about how the Divine is moving in their lives and who desire deeper connection with this innate wholeness.  Sometimes such curiosity and soul desire occurs along with challenging work situations, but certainly doesn’t have to.  As a spiritual companion, Nancy helps others find a deeper relationship with spiritual aspects of our human journeying. Lets explore how individual or group direction can support you at this time.

Nancy C. Wallis, MDiv, PhD, MBA

Dr. Nancy Wallis is a leadership coach, consultant, retreat leader, and spiritual director.  Drawing upon her scholarship, passion for action learning, insight, and humor, she serves as guide to leaders and their teams engaged in complex and unexpected challenge and who seek the development and transformation of themselves and those they serve.  She also serves as spiritual companion to those who are seeking wisdom beyond wisdom, or a deeper experience with the Infinite Loving One.  She especially enjoys working with leaders seeking to integrate their leadership and spirituality in ever new ways that address their purpose and values as well as organizational aims.

Dr. Nancy Wallis Founder